We hold praying ceremony every day form 9:00 to 16:00 through the year. 

Many people from all over Japan and from overseas visit our temple to receive the praying for good fortune in their life.


You will receive a card represents Kannon (the God of Mercy in Buddhism) and "Kifuda" (prayed wooden plate that hold the power of the Kannon to embodies your wish) which your name and wish are written.  


We also pray for people who can't visit our temple and send the prayed kifuda to your place through the world post services. Please refer below for the payment. 


Your name will be translated from the sound in your language to Japanese and be written in Kanji (Japanese). Chinese character of  the year of your birth also be written in the Kifuda. These photos are some sample of Kifuda written in Kanji.



Ms.N.B from Russia. 







Mr.S.O from N.Y..

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